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Website Hosting

All websites need a computer server to host the files, with connection to the internet. Large companies may have their own web servers, but most smaller organisations outsource the process to a web hosting service.

Web hosting services vary enormously in terms of capacity, facilities, guaranteed reliability and cost. It is important to select a host which is sufficient to meet your organisation's needs not only in respect of features, functions and cost, but also regarding traffic handling capacity (bandwidth), speed, reliability and updating/maintenance options. We have tried and assessed many hosting companies and now recommend a UK company for which our standard price is £20 per annum (2 year contract).

Any website hosting we arrange will include e-mail accounts and/or e-mail forwarding as required, and extensive statistics about visits to your site.

Most clients prefer to have us update their sites for them, as this is quick, inexpensive and avoids the risk of corrupting the site layout. If you wish to make your own updates then there are various options available depending on your skill and experience. For online store sites of course the updating of the product catalogue is very simply achieved without any web editing skills.


Although hosting can affect the response time of complex sites, the speed of a website depends more on image filesizes and scripts - things Minim takes care to keep to a minimum. Your own experience of website speeds is governed largely by your broadband connection download speed. Check your own broadband speed here: